Thursday, March 3, 2011

Generous Peace

I see you making those faces
Trying as best to break my nerve
But I’m calm in the face of anger and I don’t reply to the ugly words
If they ask me why I’m silent, they say in this world you got to take respect
I say “Gentleman, I’m like incense. The more you burn me, the more I’m fragrant”
We can fight but we don’t need to fight tonight 
yeah we put out the fire
If I’m gonna fight, then I fight for what’s right
let’s score a little higher

Coz I was born u see and I was raised to be, I lace the lines of these times
With generous peace
There’s a thin line between virtue and fear, though they look alike
Both demanding restraint and it’s enough that I know where I stand in line
I’m not scared of you;
I’m scared of me, and I live by controlling my fool
‘Cause you’re a fool enough for the both of us, but I still try to find the good in you
I know it’s hard to listen to the words you just can’t stand
Gonna take more than a fist to enlighten an ignorant man
And don’t you see how we fear the patient eyes of a lion?
And don’t you see how we fear those lions in their silence?
(fahami mesej yang ingin disampaikan) :)

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