Friday, June 6, 2014

Study Week


It is now Study Week. The week where people gets rajin gila nak mati. heheh.

And for me, sama lah.

Tiba-tiba berdamping dengan buku. Before this I was busy with university program etc.

I can tell you how nerd I am this week. Seriously. :P

But alhamdulillah. My friends are all very helpful. It have been a very big release when I have done all my project and send all my reports a few days ago. Now I can focus on my final exam.

I'm telling ya, Signal and System have been very easy for me to understand. But when I bumped into chapter 3, my head becomes blank. Haha. Thats why I decided to stop last night and try to sleep even though I can't sleep actually. Gosh.

Bangun pagi, buat apa yang patut and i decided to search for some spirit here so i write this post.

Tak de cara lain nak naikkan semangat study ke? Blog jugak yang ditulisnya. Hihi.


Happy studying.

Padang Besar,

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