Monday, June 8, 2015

Blogging have been left behind


I can still remember the first time I involved in blogging world. It was really exciting. I got my own space to spread my thoughts, my stories, accidents happened to me or people near by and the most funny post that I ever made is when I'm trying to confess to my parents about my feelings through a fiction story that I've made up in my blog, and my elder sister had figured it out. Then she asked me why did I wrote like that but I simply did not admit that the story is dedicated to my parents. I wrote it when I was angry. So the story is totally annoying. Even I annoyed after red it a year later.

There are too much memories in blogging since I was 17 years old. Now I'm 22. And I have left blogging a few years ago. Well, I still posts to this blog sometimes but blogging simply not my hobby anymore. I think its because I'm too lazy to write. And oh, I also no longer interested in Facebook. I rather share posts by others than wrote it myself. Gosh. Haha

And suddenly today, when I was busy studying and felt tired for that, I opened my google account and feeling like checking my blog. Then I felt that I should use this space for good. Even I do admit that it won't be at least one post a month. I will write when I wanted to. It may be one post for 3 months. Who knows? (laughing at myself for my laziness)

So I'm really sorry if my post did not suite you dear readers. My post is about my thoughts. And I'm sorry if I'm being "budak bajet cakap omputih" but I will use the language that suits my mood.

Kalau rasa nak guna malay, I use Malay. Kalau rasa nak guna English, I'll use English. Kalau rasa nak rojak macam ni, rojak la.

Sat gi ada orang duk tuduh ceq perosak bahasa.
Being judgemental.

Till we meet again in my next post.
Bye Lads.

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